AACTeens, The American Association of Caring Teens, is unlike any other community service organization. AACTeens does not have any single mission, our mission changes and adapts depending on what the community needs. However, there are aspects of AACTeens that are always true, and that is the promotion of unity and peace among all people. This mission is accomplished through many different ways.

AACTeens serves to bring people together, from all different backgrounds, to work together for a single cause to enhance the local and national communities. AACTeens truly follows the ideal that all people are equal and that all people have something to contribute.

AACTeens serves to bring people and organizations together to perform a never ending variety of community service opportunities. Each organization has its own specific mission, and does its own community service, but AACTeens tries to bring these organizations together, thus accomplishing even more community service than ever thought possible.

Finally, AACTeens shares community service stories through AACTeens newsletters. AACTeens highlights what teens throughout the country are doing for community service both here and abroad. Sharing these stories provide not only inspiration, but also serve as a wellspring of ideas and possible programs for others.

Community service is about helping your community in many different ways, and AACTeens looks to prove that. AACTeens goes where it is needed, and does what is needed, AACTeens is not your average community service organization; it’s more then that. It’s a society, a society of helping others and promoting peace. That is AACTeens.