AACT Today for a Better Tomorrow

Eitan Ginsburg, National President, AACTeens

A Message from Eitan Ginsburg, the National President of AACTeens:

I ask you, what is community service? Is it a requirement set for us by schools in order to boost our resumes and our school’s profiles, or perhaps meant to be used for our own bragging rights? Is community service for us or for the people or cause that it affects? I believe that these questions can all be answered in another question: what is society? More specifically, what is the purpose of society?

My name is Eitan Ginsburg, and I am a believer in society, a believer in community service and a passionate believer in putting the two together. In my 17 years, I have seen the great potential of fulfilling all of our community service goals by simply working together. I have been a part of, and have seen, numerous community service organizations in action. Although all of these organizations have done so many amazing things, there is one key element that they are lacking, working together. That is what AACTeens is all about; bringing people and organizations together to not only fulfill their own service goals but also to accomplish joint goals. AACTeens works on the idea that alone we can make a difference but together we can make an impact that is truly unique. It does not matter ones ethnicity or religion, everyone has something to offer. Never have I been a part of an organization where we not only perform community service but we also promote peace, love and helping not only others, but also each other.

So let me rephrase my original question, from ‘what is community service’ to ‘how can we work together to further extend the boundaries and expectations of community service?’ I have a simple answer for that, unity, also known as the American Association of Caring Teens. So join this society of working together in helping others, and don’t forget to ‘AACT today for a better tomorrow,’ together.

AACTeens, The American Association of Caring Teens, is unlike any other community service organization. AACTeens does not have any single mission, AACTeens’s mission changes and adapts depending on what the community needs. However, there are aspects of AACTeens that are always true, and that is the promotion of unity and peace among all people. This mission is accomplished through many different ways.

Watch members of AACTeens share their message of unity at a Philadelphia 76ers game.